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  • eZee FrontDesk Usage

    eZee FrontDesk is used by different properties in different manner. Thus it can be classified as hotel reservation software, hotel management software, booking software, hotel accounting softwares, PMS sofware, resort software, motel software, lodging software, maintenance managment, hostel software and condo software.

 Standalone Version  

In all the versions of FrontDesk , you cannot simultaneously open or work with the FrontDesk Configuration (eZeeFDC) or FrontDesk Operations (eZeeFD). You can work with any one module at a time. If you try to open any one of the either, while other was working, the software alerts you with message.
It is strongly recommended to proceed with the step by step wizard to configure the property to perform the normal operations such as check ins, check outs in FrontDesk.
If you try to work with FrontDesk without finishing configuring the property, you will not be able to carry out normal operations as there will be no rooms.