eZee FrontDesk Hotel Management Software

eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS System

eZee Burrp! is a general purpose, feature filled Point Of Sale system, tightly integrated with our hotel software eZee FrontDesk.

Please visit our new website eZee BurrP! Restaurant pos. www.ezeeburrp.com

eZee Burrp! comes with the regular interface operated by keyboard and mouse as well as Touch Screen interface. You can define items which can be sold across various restaurant you may have, at different rates and by using different codes. You can pre-configure the system to print KOT to Kitchen Printers and Bills to Receipt Printers. eZee Burrp! comes with handy meaning full reports so that you can minimize on your inventory, check stocks statements quickly and track sales.

eZee Burrp! comes as standalone application as well as can be integrated with eZee FrontDesk hotel software. You can download eZee FrontDesk here.