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Backbone of a premier software – Regular Product Updates

The hospitality industry is an ever-evolving sector which summons a constant development in products. Over the years, just as the technology has undergone an extensive makeover, the software development, and maintenance approach too has evolved to a large extent. However, how many times have you wondered what underlies these steady PMS and other hospitality products?

Why bother with product updates?

Software maintenance and regular product updates hold an equivalent importance as software development in keeping a product relevant and up-to-date. To solve the existing faults in the software, or to modify hardware, or to improve software functionality, or more so to keep up with the changes in the industry, software maintenance and hence regular software update is a must. Following similar proceedings to achieve higher user satisfaction, eZee rolls out regular service packs for eZee NextGen users, beneath which lies a rigorous course of action which continues throughout days of hard work and thought process.

What does a NextGen service pack have anyway?

NextGen – a combination of eZee FrontDesk Property Management System and eZee BurrP! Restaurant POS Software is employed worldwide by more than 100 partners and users spread across 140+ countries. It comes with an assured promise that the product will continue to develop and be in line with the growing demands of the hospitality industry. The developers tend to the requirements of the users as well as the partners and focus primarily on those requests which pinpoint disruptions in daily operations. Over and above this, the teams involved in the product update process are constantly trying that each and every bug fix or enhancement carried out does not interfere with the daily operations, but instead makes it effortless for the user.

Service pack in a product update

A NextGen service pack release has a plenitude of inclusions ranging from a change in UI to a development in a feature and an addition of new module. Additionally, security amendments, bug fixes, resolution of a defect, solving a data corruption problem or remodeling a software to hardware interface and even quick fix tools – all of it sums up to be a part of NextGen’s product updates.

How frequent are the NextGen product updates?

The service pack release is a thoroughly planned process which leads to a cycle of monthly update for eZee NextGen users. A product update has to be consistent, and together with it, it must maintain the functioning as its preceding version. Not only it should have bug fixes and solutions to the defects of the previous version, but also it should improve the user experience. Keeping this in mind, we offer once-in-a-month service pack update to provide better consistency, fewer complaints, and refined user experience. Besides this, NextGen having worldwide users, daily service pack release may lead to a disarrayed situation where some users may receive the latest update, whereas some may not, a few may have to use an enhancement developed especially for another particular user, and several other erratic conditions in distribution. To avoid these happenings, we offer a generalized service pack whilst acknowledging the needs and requests of any kind of user. Each defect, each bug fix, and even an enhancement or additional module request by any user is considered at a similar level without unbiased mindset, thus concentrating on the whole audience.

How is it done?

A 360-degree analysis is carried out for each change to be executed and merged in a new service pack of NextGen, thereby gauging the effect of the change on existing features and other operations. A bug or a defect in the system is always given the utmost importance, seeing that it may disturb the entire flow of operation, leading to a dissatisfied user. In case of a requested enhancement or customization, a feasibility check is carried out while calculating its pros and cons, for as much as each user is equally benefited with the update. After a bug fix or an enhancement, it is tested from each aspect, at the same time measuring its impact on the existing features.


Maintenance of the product, which includes building and releasing each service pack requires a relentless effort. Adhering to the essential requisites, eZee continually strives to walk hand-in-hand with the changing trends of hospitality software, journeying towards becoming a prominent name in the industry.