Effortless Group bookings with newly added feature

We’ve added “Group Identity” to Group Bookings feature so that group bookings can be tackled with same identity by adding “Identity type” and “Identity number”. Moreover, from this section you can change Nationality of the group.


Added new field to Reports and Stay view module

Enhanced following things in Reports section and Stay view module:

  • From now you’ll be able to see “Booking Number” in the Mouse hover over the Guest’s name. As in earlier case, you need to open Guest’s information for Booking number.
  • FD-7213

  • A new column named “Quantity” has been added to the Extra Charge report.
  • FD-7213_1

  • “Room Rate Variation Report” from now will have a new column named “Booking number”.
  • FD-7213_2

Enhanced Void Check-In Report with new filter

So, from now you can get to know for which Void Check-in; Guest Registration Card has been generated as we’ve added a new column “Registration Number” in Void Check-In report and also the system will not generate new Registration number if it’s already generated.


Keep track of Active/Inactive bookings

With the help of newly added filter, you will be able to see which bookings are Active,Inactive or combination of both within Group Booking List.


Enhanced Room posting feature

From now onward for the properties in India, you can perform room posting without tax included to the folio; as we’ve added “Room posting with No tax invoice folio” option within Room posting feature.


Email notification for Guests

From now, you will be able to send Email Notification to Guest Inquiry, Guest follow-up, and Response to the guests.


What’s more in the latest release:

  • We’ve added new setting to Phone directory, as of from now you’ll have option to include details of guest information and business source information to phone directory.
  • Enhanced Arrival list report, from now the report will have Sub business source wise data.
  • We’ve added Stay view tool tip setting. From which user-defined tool tip can be selected to display in stay view.
  • We’ve added new option “Voucher No.” to Search criteria field. so in case of huge list you can directly add voucher number of OTA to get the results.
  • We’ve enhanced Night Audit module. From now, Night audit report and Guest checked out report can be sorted out on the basis of Bill Number.
  • From now, yearly visited chart will have details of multiple sources and also will have different enteries for the guest with No business source/Business source.

How to update your system?

Get the Service Pack link from eZee Support (refer to the steps below), execute the application and start using the latest version.

A quick guide on How to install Service Pack

  1. Take the latest backup of the database from the server machine.
  2. Close all eZee applications before executing the Service Pack.
  3. Execute Service Pack on server machine first if the software is installed in a client – server environment.
  4. After installing the Service Pack on the server machine, execute any eZee application on the server machine to reflect the version update.
  5. Repeat the same process on all client terminals where eZee software is installed.

Note: Please contact eZee Support to get download links of Service Pack.

We always keep our solutions up-to-date as per ever changing industry demands. If you face any trouble using eZee Solutions, you can report it on link given below.
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