eZee FrontDesk is now available for eZee Desktop PMS users to get updated. Check out the update details below and learn what new do you get with this release.

Now you can add multiple email accounts instead of just one to send notification emails to your guests.

Simply go to ConfigurationOthers Email Accounts as shown below


In the Account Settings window that pops up, click on new to add account you want to, then finally save your new email account after filling up required information.


Here, we recommend that you test your Email Configuration once by clicking on Test Mail Settings.

You can access the email address added in the step above from Advance Setting Notification Email Notification.


Simple, isn’t it ?

Mask your credit card details

We have provided masking provision for credit card details to display payment in General Information tab when booking comes from Web booking.

You can decide and set which digits to mask anytime from eZee FrontDesk configuration.


SMS Notification on Check-in and Reservation for Group Bookings

Earlier when booking status changed from BookingCheck in or Booking Reservation, in case of group booking no SMS was sent to notify the guests about the changed status.

Now, for these two events welcome SMS as notification will be sent on group bookings too.


Additional Banquet privileges

Now the Banquet User will have the privilege of exempting and non-exempting Tax charges in Banquet catering voucher.

This provides ease of use to admin as to prevent taxation mischief in the data coming from other POS system.


Along with this, there are additional 5 Banquet privileges added in this release apart from Front Desk Privileges as shown in the image below.


Disable Complementary rates

Another privilege gives you advantage of disabling “Complementary Rates” on Walk In / Reservation / Booking Wizard.


There is a lot more in release, below are given some more updates.

  • Voided extra charges in room transaction window will now appear in struck out text instead of removing completely.
  • In Extra Charge Voucher, Adjustment and Discount amount will be displayed separately from each other.
  • Folio number will now appear on Extra charge tab and Payment information tab.
  • The Pop up message (i.e. Room Posting – Receipt is not settled in BurrP!) appears when the guest checks out from eZee FrontDesk, for which room posting has been done from eZee BurrP! using Finish button.
  • An option to enter Net rate(Inclusive rate) provided while splitting the rate for a room.
  • General Information tab for Swipe card now has tool-tip text for user convenience.

How do you update your system?

Get the Service Pack link from eZee Support (refer to the steps below), execute the application and your system will be updated in a flash.

A quick guide on How to install Service Pack

  1. Take the latest backup of the database from server machine.
  2. Close all eZee applications before executing the Service Pack.
  3. Execute Service Pack on server machine first if the software is installed in a client – server environment.
  4. Repeat the same process on all client terminals where eZee software is installed.

Note: please contact eZee Support to get download links of Service Pack.

We always keep our solutions up-to-date as per ever changing industry demands. If you face any trouble using eZee Solutions, you can report it on link given below.

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