Highlights of future transactions – Proposed Charges.
Canceled a booking by mistake? Or marked it no-show? – Activate the booking with a click.
Guests confused about the Meal Plan charges? – Separate them from Extra Charges now.
Get all these updates and much more in the latest version of eZee FrontDesk.

Remain posted on future transactions through Proposed Charges

Proposed Charges are the charges which belong to future transactions. These charges may include extra charges which you want to always charge and consider as inclusion for any reservation and even for a checked-in transaction at your property. Using this feature, you will be able to indicate the charges which are levied for the future dates corresponding to a particular transaction.

You will be able to view these proposed charges in Folio Summary and Reservation vouchers of a checked-in guest as well as a reserved guest based on the stay duration, depending on the template you use. For the future dates, these charges will be reflected in the ‘Inclusion’, whereas for the current and past dates of the guest’s stay, these charges will be visible as Extra Charges.

Note: These details and feature will work only on Folio Template number 1, 2, 3 and 83. Different templates will display the proposed charges in a different manner.

Follow the video and check out this feature:

Quickly activate a canceled or a no-show booking

Hitherto, in a Group Booking, if for any reason an individual booking was canceled or marked no-show; then the PMS did not allow to edit that booking. Nor did it allow to undo the cancel or no-show operation performed on the booking, leading to situations with unwanted errors and dissatisfied guests.

Therefore, to avoid such incidents at your property, we have now provided an option to edit the guest details of a Canceled or No-show booking. Not only that, you will also be able to activate the particular booking, thus avoiding to generate another booking transaction again.

Get to know which are the Meal Plan charges now!

Whenever there were any Extra Charges posted on a folio, the summary did not differentiate Meal Plan or other charges, which mislead guests arriving at your property. To nullify such events and experiences, we have now provided an option in the desktop PMS if you want to show the Meal Plan charges separately in the folio and not included as Extra Charges.

Additionally, on activating this option, if you do not post the Meal Plan charges in the Night Audit process, then the system will not let you move ahead to the next step; thus making it mandatory to post the Meal Plan charges.

Activate and avail this feature in the latest version as shown below:

You’ll find a lot more in the latest release:

  • In ‘Daily Receipt Report’, we have now added Bill Number along with Folio Number to verify the records and transactions.
  • In case of Client-Server Environment, to simplify the process, the client machine will take the check-in and check-out time of guest from the Server machine.
  • You will now be able to add and save multiple contact information in City Ledger account and Business Source account.
  • For ‘Monthly Room Inventory Report’, we added a new filter criteria to show active room types.
  • Now, use the ‘Always Charge’ option to always post Extra Charges on a reservation.
  • New privilege introduced : ‘Allow to void payment along with booking’ to give rights to users to void or cancel payments along with bookings.
  • To eliminate the confusions of connected rooms, we have now added a column in Room List which will indicate the connected rooms at your property.

How do you update your system?

Get the Service Pack link from eZee Support (refer to the steps below), execute the application and start using the latest version.

A quick guide on How to install Service Pack

  1. Take the latest backup of the database from server machine.
  2. Close all eZee applications before executing the Service Pack.
  3. Execute Service Pack on server machine first if the software is installed in a client – server environment.
  4. Repeat the same process on all client terminals where eZee software is installed.

Note: please contact eZee Support to get download links of Service Pack.

We always keep our solutions up-to-date as per ever changing industry demands. If you face any trouble using eZee Solutions, you can report it on link given below.

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