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 Assigning Bad Debts

There is possibility for a circumstance to arise where you would check out a guest even if the balance is non zero (normally when the guest is not in a position to pay or cannot pay). Therefore in such condition , you would like to mark the pay type of guest as bad debts. Instead of going to individual room and marking it as bad debt you can mark more than one room guest as bad debt in a single attempt. Follow the steps below to assign bad debts.

  1. From the Utilities menu, select the Bad Debt Assignment. The Bad Debt Assignment form gets displayed.

  2. Select the From date, To date and click on Select. All the guests who were checked out with non zero balance gets displayed.

  3. Check mark the guests you would like to assign bad debts from the list and click on OK.

    Note: You can view the Monthly Bad debts report from the Reports menu, selecting the Monthly Reports.