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 Authorizing The Guest

You can authorize the guest during his stay and finally do sale. Please refer Credit Card Charge Method.
By default the guest is authorized if you configure the Credit Card Charge Method as Sale/Authorized. Remember that you do not deduct the charge if the guest is authorized during his stay.
All the authorized charges are displayed in the Encash form. You have to encash the money if any before you check out the person otherwise the system will not let the guest to check out. Follow the steps below to authorize the guest.

  1. Click on the occupied room from eZee FrontDesk main screen. The Check Out form gets displayed.

  2. Click on the Amount Paid link. The Amount Paid Details form gets displayed.

  3. Note that by default, the balance is displayed in the Amount. Edit the Amount if necessary.

  4. In the Pay Type tab, select the Pay Type and enter Authorization Number/Card Number if necessary.

  5. Check mark the Authorized to authorize the guest.

  6. Click on Add. Note that the charge is added to the list.

    Note: Also note that when you click Encash all the authorized charges are displayed in the Encash form.

  7. Click Close to close Amount Paid Details.

  8. Click Close to close Check Out form.