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 Business Sources  

The guests are primarily responsible for the growth or loss of your business and so it is very much important to keep track from which source the business comes in. In order to improve business we might commission some of the agents who bring the business for us, do marketing by various means, try to get corporate business.

Business source functionality identifies for us,

  • How business is coming to property?
  • Where should you spend money for marketing?
  • Does your online reservation bring business for you?
  • Is your website performing well?
  • Have you succeeded in attracting Corporate Business?

Answer to about questions will surely help you using your advertisement fund efficiently. Also it will help your marketing team to bring more business for your property.

In eZeeFD, you can maintain a log of all the business sources those are commissioned and noncommissioned. You can also define and apply different rates (special rates) to travel agents and corporate clients. You can also include the business sources in the direct billing so that if the guest is assigned the same, you can later collect the payment from business source.
Monthly commission report in the eZeeFD displays the overall computed commission for each business source contact. Thus, you are relieved from the error prone task of commission computation. You can also generate business source wise transactions report.
There are three steps involved before you attempt to assign the business source to the guest.

  1. Define the business sources
  2. Add the business source contacts
  3. Special rate definition for each business contact