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 Changing the Room

You can change the room of the guest at any time. The whole stay information and transaction gets shifted to the new room. The rate types of the previous room are applied here. You have to manually apply multiple rate types or modify the existing rate if you want to change the rate types for new room. As soon as you change the room, the status of the room from which you shifted the guest becomes check out and you cannot check in the guest unless it returns to vacant state. Follow the steps below to change the room.

  1. From the eZee FrontDesk main screen, click on the room from which you want to shift the guest. The Check Out form gets displayed.

  2. Click on Chng Room. The Change Room form gets displayed.

  3. Click on the room, you want to shift the guest from the list and click on Chng Room. Note that the room number gets changed and the status of previous room becomes check out.