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 Encashing the Charge

One of the important feature of the software is to authorize the guest(for the charge) during their stay. You have to encash all the authorized charges later. The system does not allow the guest to check out unless all the authorized charges pertaining to guest is encashed. Therefore you are always secure in money matters.
Follow the steps below to encash the charge.

  1. Click on the occupied room from eZee FrontDesk main screen. The Check Out form gets displayed.

  2. Click on the Amount Paid link. The Amount Paid Details form gets displayed.

  3. Click on the Encash. The Encash form gets displayed with the list of all authorized charges/Payments pertaining to the guest.

  4. Check mark the payments to encash from the list and click on OK.

  5. Click on Close to close the Amount Paid Details.

  6. Click on the Close to close the Check Out form.