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 Graphical Presentation of Stay Information

                  One of the important feature of the software is representing the stay information graphically (colorful presentation) . The desk clerk can get clear idea of the room status for the whole month at a single glance. Each and every color used to represent the status is similar to the color used to represent the status in eZee FrontDesk main screen. You can even view the status of previous months. You can also very easily check the availability of the rooms for reservation or check in.
                   You can also

  1. change the room of the checked in guest.

  2. change the reservation details such as reservation date or reserved rooms.

    Note: The destined room's status must be vacant in both the cases

            You can do the above two operations by dragging the guest rooms (i.e. e colored status representing boxes) and dropping at the required positions.
    All you have to do is select the Stay Information from Reservation menu. The Stay Information form gets displayed.

  • Right click on the guest whose status is occupied or checked out for more information.

  • Double click on the occupied guest to open the Check Out form.

  • Click on the Print to print the Stay Information report in the same pattern.