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 Guest Consolidation


              One of the features of eZeeFD is to maintain consistent data by getting rid of the redundancies and inconsistencies that occur frequently while logging the guest details (when you log the same guest information in two or more occasions).

  You might occasionally find that two or more guest details point to same guest and they are maintained separately in the database, that is separate stay history are maintained for same guest causing inconsistencies. You might wish to consolidate all these guest details and its corresponding stay details to one guest. eZeeFD lets you to consolidate guest details to one master guest record and hence maintain one guest stay history.

          Lets see with an example, how eZeeFD helps to consolidate the guest details.

  1. In eZee FrontDesk, from Tools menu, select Guest Database. You will see the Guest Database form.

  2. Select the appropriate guests from the list and click on Guest Consolidate link (at the right bottom).

  3. A confirmation message gets displayed. Click Yes to proceed further. The Guest Consolidate form gets displayed.

  4. You need to select any one record from the list of records to set it as master record. eZeeFD, by default sets the first record as master record. Master record is denoted in Bold font. Click on Master Rec after selecting the record.

    Note: Normally a record with complete guest information is set as Master record.

  5. Having set the master record, now you need to consolidate the records. Click on Consolidate to consolidate. A confirmation message is displayed. Click on Yes to proceed further.

    Note: Now you will find only the record which was set as master record in the guest database