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 Late Checkouts

Late Checkouts are used to display those guests whose stay period ends on that day when Automatic Rent Posting feature is disabled. Therefore, you will know the guests who must be checked out on that day. The guests in red colored font represent those guests whose payment is pending. If the Automatic Rent Posting feature is enabled, the room rent is posted to the guest balance as you create new day, so the guest will not appear in the Late Checkout list.
 Follow the steps below to check out Late CheckOuts.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Late Checkouts. The Late CheckOuts form gets displayed.

  2. Check mark the guests you want to check out and click on Check Out. The guests are checked out.

    Note: All the guests represented in red color have got the balance payment to be made.

  3. Click on Close to close the Late Check Outs.