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 Modifying the Previous Check In Details of the Day
  One of the important feature of the software is to enable you to make modifications to the previous checkin details of the day for a particular room. But if there are no previous check ins of the day for the room, there is no possibility of modifying. Follow the steps below to modify the previous check ins.
  1. From the eZee FrontDesk main screen, click on the room which has got the previous check in. The Check Out or Check In form gets displayed.
  2. Click on the Prev Chk-In. The Today�s Previous CheckIn form gets displayed.

    Note: Remember that the Prev Chk-In button is not enabled if there are no previous check ins for the corresponding room.

  3. Select the guest from the list. The guest details are copied to the form.
  4. Modify the necessary details and click on Update.