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 Network Locks

One of the important feature of the Network version is to let more than one deskclerk perform transaction on the rooms from various terminals simultaneously. The users working in various terminals are applied with the transaction changes in specific time interval(now 10 sec) or they can deliberately apply the changes by refreshing.
In eZeeFD , no two users can work or perform operation on a room simultaneously. The system distinguishes the rooms that are opened for transaction on various terminals with the room numbers associated with image (For example where 102 is the room number). If the deskclerk tries to open the room that is already opened, the system alerts him that the room is already open. That is room is locked from performing operations. But if the deskclerk is Admin or if he is privileged to remove the locks, he can remove the lock of room and can perform the operation . The deskclerks those were working on the room will be informed that no more operation can be performed on the room.
Therefore remember that Network Locks (which is used to remove the lock) are available only to the Admin and the privileged deskclerks. Follow the steps below to lock the rooms.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Network Locks. The Network Locks form gets displayed.

  2. Check mark the room you want to remove the lock.

  3. Click on Delete. The confirmation message gets displayed.

  4. Click Yes to remove the lock of room.

  5. Click on Close once you are finished with removing locks.

    Note: Remember that the deskclerk will be alerted that he can no more perform operation on that room.