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  Night Audit

Night Audit is a common activity which is carried out by authorized persons such as Admin or Auditor. That is you must be privileged to audit. The auditor at the end of the day can do the audit on hotel transaction activities carried out on that day and get back to the management if found something improper.

            The software does not force the auditor to audit routinely, that is daily, but logically he cannot proceed the auditing for forthcoming days unless he finishes auditing for the previous days. The auditor can do audit for exactly one day at a time and exactly once.

          eZeeFD is so economical that you can opt to print the reports for auditing only if necessary. Alternatively you can preview the reports.

          The reports which help in the auditing are as follows.

Daily Report
Daily Summary Report
Daily Credit Card Collection Report
Daily Other Charges Summary Report
Revenue by Group Report
Revenue by Rate Type Report
Revenue by Room Type Report
Hotel Statistics Report
Hotel Journal Summary Report

Note: You can audit only once any particular day. You cannot audit unless the previous days audit is complete.

Follow the steps below to audit the rental transactions.

  1. From the File menu, select the Night Audit. The Night Audit form gets displayed.
  2. The date from when audit is to be done is displayed in the Audit Till.
    Note: You cannot advance the days unless previous days audit is complete.
  3. Click on OK to generate the audit reports.
  4. Click on Close to close the Night Audit form once you are finished with the audit.