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  Posting the Unposted Calls
This opportunity is available only if you have opted for call logging feature. Sometimes the call accounting system may fail to post the calls to the guest rooms due to some reasons, say, when the guest makes a call from the receptionist phone or when the eZeeFD date and PBX date mismatches or when the PBX PC is not working or due to some technical problems.
In such circumstances you will be presented with the list of all unposted calls regardless of the extension number. You can manually post the calls to the guest rooms if necessary. Follow the steps below to post the unposted calls.
  1. From the eZee FrontDesk main screen, click on the room to which you would like to post the unposted calls.
  2. Click on the Other charges link. The Other Charges form gets displayed.
  3. Click on the Call Details link. The Unposted Call Details form gets displayed. The list of all the unposted calls is displayed.
  4. Select the calls from the list and click on Post. The unposted calls are now posted to the room.
  5. Click on the Close to close Unposted Call Details. Note that the posted calls are logged in as the Call Logging charge other charge.
  6. Click on Close to close the Other Charges form.
  7. Click on Update to save the posted calls.