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  Query Module
Our software provides extensive reports at all levels which will surely fulfill the requirements of the desk clerk. But sometimes, you will be presented with more data than the required. This sometimes seems to be irritating when you would like to be presented with the precise required one.

Sometimes you will be aware of more facts which you would like to inquire and display more detailed data based on the facts. In such circumstances you can construct the query using the Query Module. Query Module provides you all possible fields and you can very easily construct the query. Your query may comprise of various conditions.
Query module�s intuitive interface enables the desk clerk with basic knowledge of hotel functioning to construct the queries. You can save your queries to generate it whenever necessary instead of reconstructing the query.
Some of the features of Query Module are as follows:
  1. You will be presented with almost all the data of the guest and his stay information which is equivalent to the data you gather using almost all the reports, in just one attempt.
  2. Apart from the various conditions you specify to execute the query, you can even attempt to choose the desired among the list of guests those are displayed as a result of executing the query through some more options such a
    a. In House Guests
    b. Checked Out Guests
    c. Walk in Guests (those who check in without reserving).
    d. Reserved Guests
    e. Normal Check In
    f. Group Check In
  3. You will be presented with vast data of the guests such as
    a. Guest Name
    b. Check In Details
    c. Room Details
    d. Guest Address
    e. Guest ID Information
    f. Vehicle Information etc.

You can desire to display only those you feel necessary discarding the rest of them thus presenting the precise information.

Constructing and Executing Query