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  Regroup a guest
In Regroup, unlike ungrouping, you can add an individually checked in guest (not from the group) to the checked in group. In the same way you can add an individually reserved guest (not from the group) to the reserved group. Make sure that in both the instances
  1. The group and guests have either checked in or reserved on the same day.
  2. The guest must not be from any other group. He/She must be an individually checked in or reserved guest.

Follow the steps below to regroup.

  1. From the Group menu, select Regroup. The Regroup form gets displayed. You will have both the checked in and reserved groups.
  2. Select the desired group from the list and click on Continue. The Add rooms into group form gets displayed.
  3. All the solely checked in or reserved guest rooms are shown on the left hand side list. This depends on Group selection. Check mark the rooms you would like to include in the group and click on Add. Note that the rooms are added to the right hand side list.
    Note: Only the guests who have either reserved or checked in on that day are displayed in the list.
  4. Click on the Regroup. A confirmation message gets displayed. Click on Yes to add it in the group.
  5. Click on Cancel to close the Regroup form.