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 Room Status Cycle

The software portrays the characteristics of normal hotel. The rooms undergoes the status that a hotel room faces. Initially the room is in the vacant status. It means that it is ready to be occupied. The software clearly distinguishes the status once it is occupied. The room color changes. The desk clerk can have his own color to distinguish the status of rooms.
Once the room is occupied , the software lets you not to check in another guest, unless the previous guest check out.
When the guest checks out, the room attains clean status. That is the room has to be prepared for the next guest to check in. No guest can be checked in this status also.
Once the room is ready to be occupied, you have to explicitly change the status of room to vacant. Again you can check in the guest and thus the cycle continues.

Note: Remember that you can clearly distinguish the status of each and every room through the colors from the main screen of eZee FrontDesk.

Apart from these some rooms are reserved by the guest beforehand. The reserved room can also be easily interpreted from the status color. In the same way, some of the rooms can be blocked from renting and these rooms can also be interpreted.