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 Shortcut keys  

We have introduced function keys and some combinations of keys to enable you to perform frequently done operations faster, so that you need not depend on the mouse clicks anymore for at least frequent operations.

Some of the short cut keys are as follows:

Function Keys Operation
F2 New Reservation
F3 Guest Ledger
F4 New Group Checking
F5 Refresh
F6 Guest Database
F7 Availability Summary
F8 Room block
F9 Stay Information
F11 Guest Message
F12 Log out Desk Clerk

Some of the combinations of keys are as follows:

Combinations of Keys Operation
^ s Shift Report
^ D Daily Report
^ I Daily summary
^ M Monthly Report
^ R Revenue Report
^ E Reservation Report
^ A Guest Arrival Report
^ L Remaining Checkout
^ P Command Prompt


Note: ^ refers to Ctrl key.