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 Simple Check Out
  1. From the eZee FrontDesk main screen, select the room from that you want to check out. The Check Out form gets displayed.

  2. Click on Check Out. The Check Out form gets displayed.

  3. See for the CheckOut Date. If you try to check out before the actual day, the software displays the message
    Invalid CheckOut Date.
    Therefore make sure that the check out date is present date.

  4. Click on Amount Paid link and charge the guest if there is balance. Otherwise the software will ask the question
    The balance of this guest is not zero.
    Do you still want the guest to checkout?

    Therefore make sure that there is no balance.

  5. Had the guest made some deposit, the software will question you as                                                                       Guest has deposit, Do you want to refund it?                                                                                                      Click on Yes if you wish to refund. The Refund Deposit forms gets displayed. Click on Refund to refund the deposit.

  6. Click on CheckOut