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 Ungroup a Guest  

One of the important feature of the software is to support group operation. In group operation you carry out operations for group of rooms. For example, when you check in the Group, all the rooms associated with the group are checked in, in the same way if you check out the group all the rooms associated with the group are checked out. But how will you check out a group member from the group? To do this you have to ungroup the member from the group and later check out.

Follow the steps below to ungroup the group member.

  1. From the Group menu, select the Ungroup. The Undo Group form gets displayed.

  2. Select the Group from the list. The Ungroup form gets displayed.

  3. Select the rooms that you want to ungroup from the Rooms in the Group list.

  4. Click on the Remove. Note that the rooms are added to the Rooms selected for ungrouping list.

  5. Click on Ungroup. The confirmation message gets displayed.

  6. Click Yes to ungroup the room.

    Note: Remember that the system will not let you to ungroup if there is not at least two rooms after ungrouping.

  7. Click Cancel to close the Undo Group.