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 Adding Expenses (Accounts Payable)

The software apart from maintaining the rental transactions, enables you to keep track of the expenses incurred in the hotel. You have to categorize the expense incurred and store its details. Therefore the management of expenses becomes simple and easy. Follow the steps below to store the expenses.

  1. From the Tools menu, select the Expense Management.

  2. Select Accounts Payable. The Accounts Payable form gets displayed.

  3. Select the date of the expense incurred from the Date list.

    Note: If you want to store the expense incurred in previous months, see that the month and year of the Date matches with the Month and Year list at the bottom. If it does not match, the software displays Invalid date value.
  4. Select the account type from the Account list.

    Note: If the account type you required does not exist, you have to configure the account type in eZee FrontDesk Configuration.
  5. Select the category on which the expense incurred from the Category list.

    Note: If the Category does not exist in the Category list, you have to configure the category in eZee FrontDesk Configuration.
  6. Enter the amount incurred in Amount edit box.

  7. Enter the account number if necessary in Number.

  8. Enter the person to whom you paid in the Paid To edit box.

    Note: The software internally stores the persons name once entered. Therefore if the person is frequently paid you can select the person from Paid To list.
  9. Click on Add. Note that the expense is added to the list.

  10. Repeat the steps 3 to 9 if there exists more expenses.

  11. Click Close once you finish adding all the expenses.

    Note: Suppose if you want to see the expenses of particular month, select the month and year from the Month and Year list at the bottom and click on Select. All the expenses of that month gets displayed in the list.

Removing an Expense Detail