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 Changing the Desk Clerk

One of the important feature of the software is to let change the desk clerk at any time while the application is running, instead of closing the application and logging in once again. Normally this is done during change in shift.
Once the desk clerk is changed all the transaction carried out are stored under his name. As the desk clerk is changed, the change is reflected in the eZee FrontDesk main screen itself where Desk Clerk name changes. Follow the steps below to change the desk clerk.

  1. From the File menu, select Change Desk Clerks.
  2. The confirmation message gets displayed. Click Yes to change the desk clerk. The eZee FrontDesk Login form gets displayed.
  3. Select the desk clerk you want to change to from the Desk Clerk list.
  4. Enter the Password and click on Sign In. Note that the desk clerk is changed in eZee FrontDesk main screen.