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 Creating an Account

One of the important feature of the software is to allow Direct Billing.
In Direct Billing the person need not pay the amount instantly instead the corporation he belongs to pays the rent amount at one time. Normally Direct Billing amenity is given to the corporations. In Direct billing, the corporation is offered the specific credit limit and seen that the credit limit do not exceed the specified.
The Direct Billing provides Financial Convenience to the corporation and it can pay the money at a time through credit cards or checks.
You have to create an account and store the credit limit before direct billing to the guest. The dues are added to the account whenever the corporateļæ½s employee is rented so that they can conveniently pay at one time.

The corporation can clear the dues at specific time periods, say for example on monthly basis.
The very first task in Direct Billing is to create an account. But you cannot create the Direct Billing account unless you are privileged to create. By default Admin is privileged to create the account. Follow the steps below to create an account.

  1. From the Tools menu, select the Direct Billing Account Database. The Direct Billing Account Database form gets displayed.

  2. Click on Add. The Add Account form gets displayed.

    Note: Remember that the Add is disabled if you are not privileged to create the account.

  3. Enter the Account Details. Remember that Account, Address, City, State, Zip, Country details are necessary.

  4. Enter the Credit Details. That is enter the Credit Limit and the software alerts you when the account exceeds the specified credit limit.

  5. Click on Save to save the account.