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 Creating New Day

              You cannot directly start renting the rooms or carry out any transaction corresponding to the room. The very first task in the beginning of the day is to create the new day.
              If you are starting the Front Desk for the first time, note that the default day is displayed. This is the day that you selected from when you want the rooms to be considered while creating the rooms. You have to create a new day from the next day. If you are not starting the Front Desk for the first time, remember to create new day before carrying any operation for that day.
              If you want the software to remind you the creation of new day everyday, you need to deliberately check mark the option Prompt New Day Creation of Report Options in eZee FrontDesk Configuration.
 Follow the steps below to create new day.

  1. Click New Day on the Toolbar. The Open New Day form gets displayed.

  2. Select the day you want to create from the calendar.

    Note: Remember that you cannot create day lesser than the previous day. You cannot create day greater than the system date.

  3. Click OK to create the new day. Note that the new day is created.

    Note: Remember that you should have rooms to enable the New day along with other icons. Otherwise you cannot carry out any operation from the Front Desk. Therefore if you have not configured the rooms in Configuration, please configure the rooms first.