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 How to assign the business source to the guest?  
  Having finished all the primary steps involved in business source, let’s see how to assign the business contact to guest.

You can assign the business contact to guest during reservation or checking in.

Follow the steps below to assign the business source to the guest:-

  1. Select the appropriate Business Source from the list in either Check In or Room Reservation Information form.
  2. Click on the Business Source link to associate or log in the business source contact details if necessary.
    Note: The software by default considers the business source as Walk-In while you check in the guest and as Reservation while reserving the guest. You can apply any business source. The Business Source link appears for all the sources except for the Walk-In and the Reservation.
  3. Select the appropriate source from the list. Check mark the Apply Special Rate option if you wish to apply the special rate or Apply Default Rate option to apply default rate defined in the configuration and click on OK.
    Note: Apply Special Rate option is disabled if you have not defined the special rates for that business source contact.