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Making Group Reservation
 Making Group Reservation

                 One of the important feature of software is Group Reservation where group of rooms can be reserved in advance unlike individual reservation. This sort of reservation is normally done by corporations or travel agencies.
                You will be reminded whenever you try to check in another guest in the reserved rooms. The following message is displayed .

Next Reservation 08/31/2002
Follow the steps below to Make Group Reservation.

  1. From the Group Menu, select Group Operation. The Group Operation form gets displayed.

    Note: If you don�t have Group menu, check whether you have enabled Group feature in Rental and Display Options.

  2. Enter Group Information. If you already have the Group information in your Group Database, just enter few characters in the Group Name along with the Country and click on to display those groups whose name start with those similar characters. Click on the necessary group. Note that the group information gets copied into the form.

  3. Enter the Date In, that is the check in date.

  4. Enter the Rate Information. Select the Rate Type and Number of Days.

  5. Next task is to include the rooms for the group. Click on the Pick Rooms. The Room Selection form gets displayed.

  6. Select the Room Type and check mark those rooms that you want to include from Available Rooms List.

    Note: Remember that you have to select the rooms of single rate type. Remember that at least you include two rooms for group reservation.

  7. Click on Add. Note that the check marked rooms are added to the list below.

  8. Click on OK to return to the Group Operation form.

  9. To store the Guest Information of Group, click on Storing the Guest Information of Group.

  10. Select the Rate/Period Selection.
    Group wise : If you opt for this rate type selection, a similar rate type will be applied to all the rooms in the group. Later if you change the rate type or rate , the changes will be applied to all the rooms in the group.
    Room wise : If you opt for this rate type selection, you can apply different rate types or rates to all the rooms in group. Therefore any change in the rate type will be applied only for that room.

  11. Select the appropriate Business Source from the combo and log in the corresponding business source details (associate responsible business contact) by clicking on the link if necessary.

    Note: The software by default considers the business source as Reservation while reserving the guest. You can apply any business source. The Business Source link appears for all the sources except for the Walk-In and the Reservation.

  12. Click on the Amount Paid if there is any advance payment.

  13. Click on Reservation to reserve the Group.

Storing the Guest Information of Group