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 Making New Reservation

One of the important feature of the software is to let you to reserve the rooms to the guests. Note that the room status color changes for the reserved rooms depending on your selection during configuration. You can take note of the maximum time of the check in i.e Cancel Time for that day. Once the maximum time is over, you can check in another person. You will be reminded whenever you try to check in another guest in the reserved room. The following message is displayed .

Next Reservation 08/31/2002
Follow the steps below to Make Reservation.

  1. From the Reservation menu, select New Reservation or Click on the drop down menu of Reservation on toolbar and select New Reservation. The Room Reservation Information form gets displayed.

  2. Select the room you want to reserve from the Room list. You can know the number of rooms available for each room type from the Available Rooms graph or tabular list.

  3. Enter the Guest Information. If the guest had already visited the hotel or he/she is a frequent guest, just type few characters in the Last Name along with the Country and click on to display all the guest whose last name start with those similar characters. Click on the necessary guest. Note that the guest information gets copied into the form.
    If you want to enter information from the swipe card click on
    .Note that the guest information gets copied into the form. Thus the software saves your time and energy.

    Note: Remember that Last Name and First Name are obligatory.

  4. Enter the Identification Information. Select the identification type from the ID Type and enter its details.

    Note: Remember that identification information is not obligatory. Its one of the safety measure provided by the software.

  5. Select the check in date from the Date In & Time.

  6. Enter the Room Rate Information.

    1. Select the rate type you want to apply from the Rate Type etc.

    2. Select the number of days the guest will be staying from the Number of Days.

      Note: Remember that the increment of days corresponds to the Rate Type selected and you can change the default rate applied from the Rate/Period link.

    3. Enter total number of Adults and Children you are permitting in that room. Note that the extra charges will  be applied if you permit more than the set maximum number of adults and children in the configuration.

    4. Suppose if there is any advance payment click on Amount Paid to enter the payment.

      Note: Remember that you can change the default rate applied from the Rate/Period.

  7. Select the appropriate Business Source from the combo and log in the corresponding business source details (associate responsible business contact) by clicking on the link if necessary.

    Note: The software by default considers the business source as Reservation while reserving the guest. You can apply any business source. The Business Source link appears for all the sources except for the Walk-In and the Reservation.

  8. Some of the hotels take the guest�s credit card information to abide by their reservation policy. In such circumstances log in the credit card details.

    Note: If the Card Type is not available, add the new card type in eZee FrontDesk Configuration.

  9. Click on the Shared Information link if the room is shared by more than one guest and enter the other guest details also.

  10. Click on the Flight Information if you provide the transport facility to the guest and enter the arrival and departure information.

  11. Click on Save to save the reservation.