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 Assigning the Room to Groups  

You have to assign the rooms to the groups for carrying out the column operations. You can have more than one group under a single group type. Maximum of 15 group types can be created. Follow the steps below to create the groups and assign the rooms .

  1. Click House Keeping on the Toolbar. The House Keeping form gets displayed.

  2. Select the Group type from the Group Type list that you want to group.

  3. Enter the number of groups to be formed.

    Note: Remember that there can be maximum of 15 groups.
  4. Click on the room number from the Room List and keep the mouse pressed.
    You will see that the + sign is appended to the mouse. Drag the mouse and drop the room number on the group to which you want to assign the room. You will see that the rooms are added to the group.

  5. Click on Save to save the assignment.