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  Assigning Extensions to Rooms
You will need to assign the extensions to the rooms for the software to properly manage the posting of the telephone charges incurred on extension number to the respective rooms. Follow the steps below to assign the extensions.
  1. From the Rooms menu, select the Extension Assignment. The Assign Extensions to Rooms form gets displayed.
  2. There are two ways of assigning the extensions to the rooms.
    1. Suppose if there are extensions corresponding to the room number, you can simply click on the Automatic Assign to automatically assign the extensions to the corresponding rooms. Say, if you have got the room numbers 102,103 and you wish to assign the extension numbers 102,103 respectively to them, simply click on Automatic Assign.
      Note: The extension numbers, those do not have corresponding room numbers are not assigned to any room and continues to appear in the UnAssigned Extensions list
    2. If you wish to manually assign the extension numbers to the room numbers, select the Room Name, check mark the extensions from the Un Assigned Extensions and click on Assign. The extensions are added to the Assigned Extension list.
      Note: A room can have more than one extension. But an extension can be applied to only one room
  3. Click on Close to close the Assign Extensions to Rooms.