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 Creating Desk Clerks  

You can create new desk clerks and assign some of the privileges to the desk clerk by selecting the user type. Remember that only the Admin can create new desk clerk and neither of the desk clerk can create new one irrespective of the user type. By default the users are preconfigured with some of the rights and privileges. You can easily grant more privileges or deprive the user from the default rights and privileges.
Follow the steps below to create new desk clerk.

  1. From Configuration menu , select Desk Clerks. The Desk Clerks form gets displayed. It is preconfigured with Admin.

  2. Click Add or hit Enter to create new desk clerk. The Add Desk Clerk form gets displayed.

  3. Select the user type from the User type list. Note that as you select the user the default privileges assigned to them are checked.

  4. Enter the User Name. It can be alphanumeric and should not exceed 35 characters. Remember that characters such as # ,% ,� ,� are not allowed.

  5. Enter the Password. Note that as you type the password, only the asterisk(*) appears. Therefore make sure that the password is simple and easy to remember. It should not exceed 10 characters.

  6. Check mark the privileges you want to assign the user apart from the default privileges. If you want to assign all the privileges, click on Select All and if you want to deprive all the privileges, click on Unselect All.

  7. Click on OK to save the changes.
  8. Repeat steps 2 to 7 for creating more desk clerks.
  9. Click OK when finished entering all the desk clerks.
    Note: Remember that only the Admin can create new Desk Clerks..