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 Creating New Rooms  
  You have to configure the rooms and store the details pertaining to it such as room type they belong to, amount to be charged in different rate types etc before carrying out any sort of transactions relevant to it. Follow the steps below to create new rooms.
  1. From the Room menu select the Room Operation or click the Room operations on the toolbar. The Room Operation form gets displayed.
  2. Click on the Add to create new room. The Add room form gets displayed.
  3. Enter the Room number/name. It can be alpha numeric and should not exceed 35 characters. Remember characters such as #, � , � ,% are not allowed.
  4. Select the room type to which it does belong to from the Room Type list.
  5. Enter the Maximum Adults and Maximum children you permit to stay in that room either by using the incrementing or decrementing arrow buttons.
    Note: If you check in more than the maximum adults or children in the room, extra charges will be applied to each extra guest.
  6. Select the date from when the room gets added. By default the room gets added from the first day of the month. You may change this date.
    Note: Remember that once the date is selected, the rooms will be created from that date onwards. If you try to create the second room from the date that is lesser than the previous one�s, the date does not get changed.
  7. Enter the amount for various rate types. Remember that the Extra Adult Charges and Extra Child charges will be applied only when the total adults and children exceed the maximum.
  8. Select the default rate type that should get displayed in the check in form of Front Desk in the weekdays.
  9. Select the default rate type that should get displayed in the check in form of Front Desk in the weekends.
  10. Assign the Room Amenities from the Amenities list if any. You can also make some comments on the room if any.
  11. Click on the save to save the room.
  12. Repeat steps 3 to 10 for creating more rooms.
  13. Click on the Close to return to the Room Operation form.