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Creating New Charge
 Creating New Charge  

You can customize the frequently or seldom collected charges apart from the rental charge and store the default rates pertaining to it. For example you can add Telephone charge to Other charges that will be charged depending on the calls made by guests or Service charge that can be always charged for every guest. Follow the steps below to customize the other charges.

  1. From the Configuration menu, select the Other Charges. The Other Charges form gets displayed.
  2. Click on Add or hit Enter to create new charge.
  3. Add Other Charge Type form gets displayed.
  4. Enter the Charge Type. It can be alpha numeric and should not exceed 35 characters. Remember characters such as #, � , � ,% are not allowed.
  5. Enter the Default Rate for the charge type.
  6. Uncheck the Taxable if you do not want to tax the new charge type. By default charge type is taxable.
  7. Note: Remember that the percentage of the amount to be charged is the State Sales Tax stored in the tax form.
  8. Checkmark the Always charge if you want this charge type to be charged only once during the guest stay.
  9. Checkmark the Charge to Reoccur if you want this charge type to be charged each day of guest�s stay.
    Note: Remember that the Charge to Reoccur is not applied to all the guests in Front Desk unless desk clerk  manually doesn't apply it to the guest at least once.
  10. Checkmark the option Deposit if you wish to collect some deposit from the guest while checking in the guest. Say, for example, you can collect the deposit from the guests as a precaution to avoid the misconceptions between you and guest in case some damage occurs. If everything went on well, you can refund the deposit.
    Note: To note down the deposit made by the guest, you need to explicitly add the deposit to the guest in eZee FrontDesk or mark the option Always Charge in eZee FrontDesk Configuration as per the requirement.
  11. Checkmark the Call Logging Charge if you want all the calls to get logged in under this category.
    Note: Remember that you can have only one other charge as Call Logging Charge and this option is enabled only if the Call Logging feature is activated in Rental and Display Options.
  12. Click OK to save the new charge type.
  13. Repeat the steps 2 to 9 to add more other charges.
  14. Click OK when finished entering the other charges.
    Note: Remember that either Always Charge or Charge to Reoccur can be check marked at a time as both the conditions cannot be applied. Therefore to check mark one of the option, you have to uncheck the other option.