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 Deciding the Credit Card Method  

There are two ways of charging the guest. One is through the Sale and the other one is Authorized.
In Sale the deskclerk charges the guest either through cash or credit cards and the money goes to the hotel instantly whereas in Authorized the deskclerk authorize the guest(for his credit card) during his stay and charges him later. Remember that, if the guest is Authorized, the deskclerk does not debit the money from the guest account instantly and he does sale when he is leaving.
The system provides you the Authorized option in the Amount Paid Details form. If you select the Authorized/Sale option, by default this Authorized option is checked which means you can authorize the guest.
Therefore you have to decide what type of Credit Card Charge Method you would like to have. Follow the steps below to select the credit card charge method.

  1. From the Miscellaneous menu, select the Rental and Display Options. The Rental and Display Options form gets displayed.

  2. Go to Rental Option tab. In Credit Card Charge Method, select either Sale or Authorization/Sale.

  3. Click on OK to save.