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 Deciding the Picture take up Location  
  One of the important feature of the software is to store the digital images of the guests using the web camera as a safety measure. Configure the web camera with the help of user guide as per the requirement. You cannot directly start taking the images. You have to decide the instances at which you would like to take the image such as while
  • Check in
  • Check out
  • Updating the room information
  • Guest payment.

Therefore be sure to set the instance. Follow the steps below to set the instance.

  1. From the Miscellaneous menu, select the video setup.
  2. Select the Settings. The Video Settings form gets displayed.
  3. Set the path where you want to store the images .
    Note: Remember as you set the path, the set path is displayed at the bottom.
  4. Check mark the instances when you would like to store the images.
  5. Click OK to store the video settings.