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 Network Version  

The main objective of this version is to let more than one user to work with the software to carry out transactions on rooms from various terminals simultaneously.
Therefore the time is saved of the guests as well as the desk clerks increasing the efficiency. Thus the software serves the real purpose of business.
The users working in various terminals are applied with the transaction changes in specific time interval(now 10 sec) or they can deliberately apply the changes by refreshing.
One has to configure the property before carrying out any FrontDesk operations. Remember that the FrontDesk property can be configured only on the Server.

You cannot configure the property when any one of the users is performing FrontDesk operations. But the software alerts you of the users who are performing FrontDesk operations. You can tell the users to logout of the software and perform configuration. In case if the user do not logout due to some reason you can forcefully logout the deskclerk by clicking on the Refresh button to view the users performing operations and then click on Delete button. The deskclerk will be alerted of his logout and can no more perform any FrontDesk operation.