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 Room Rent Posting  

Rent Posting is one of the important features of eZeeFD. This feature is configurable. Whenever Rent Posting feature is enabled, eZeeFD automatically posts the respective guest�s rent on the creation of new day and update the checkout date (increment number of nights) for all the guests staying in the hotel. For example, suppose a guest is checked in on 1st July and assigned rate package of one night. Now, when you create new day 2nd July before checking out the guest, the system will post the room rent of 2nd July to the guest (add the rent to existing balance) and increment the number of nights to two. Therefore, room rent posting is automated.

You can also disable the Rent Posting feature. Having disabled the feature, the room rent will neither be posted to the guest�s balance on the creation of new day nor will the checkout date be updated. If you fail to checkout the guest, the checkout date of the guest will remain same and the respective guest information will be displayed in the Late Checkout list, if they are supposed to check out on that day.

            Let�s see how to enable/disable the Automatic Rent Posting feature.

  1. In eZeeFDC, from the Miscellaneous menu, click on Rental and Display options. The Rental and Display options form gets displayed.
  1. In Rental Option tab, check marking Auto. For In-House Guests at New Day option from Rent Posting will enable the feature and eZeeFD will automatically post the rent to the guest balance on creation of new day.
    Unchecking the option, will disable the Rent Posting and the rent will not be posted.