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 Setting Online Credit Card Payment  

eZee FrontDesk enables you to charge the customer online, real time through credit card. That is the customer�s account is debited and your bank account is credited. These tasks are done when the eZee FrontDesk passes the appropriate credit card transaction data of the guests to the X-Charge Server. Therefore make sure that you have installed X-Charge Server on your machine.

 You have to configure the eZee FrontDesk before you proceed to charge the payment online through credit card. You have to select the credit card processing server if you want to process the credit card transactions online.

  1. From the Miscellaneous menu, select the Rental and Display Options. The Rental and Display Options form gets displayed.
  2. Go to CC Options tab. Check mark the CreditCard Server option and select the X-Charge Server.
  3. You are supposed to specify the credit card transaction path from where the eZee FrontDesk and the X-Charge server interact with each other exchanging files. You need not worry about what is happening behind the closed doors. You are supposed to only specify only the Credit Card Transaction Path.
  4. Set the Credit Card Timeout in seconds. If the credit card transaction is not processed within the specified time, the process is cancelled and must be repeated once again.
  5. Finally, click on OK to apply the changes.