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Store Tax Values
 Store Tax Values  

You have to store the taxes that are applied on the guest stay i.e. Occupancy Tax and some of the other charges i.e. State Sales Tax. You can also free the guest from charging tax after certain days. You can also enter the taxes that Local tax, State tax and Sales tax comprise of. In other words it means that you can define new tax if not present say for example VAT, City Tax, GST etc. But you can do this only if you activate this feature. Follow the steps below to store the Taxes.

  1. From Configuration menu, select Tax. The Tax form gets displayed.
  2. Enter the Occupancy Tax, State Sales Tax values in percentage. Remember that it will not accept the value greater than 100.
    Note: If you have enabled the Detailed Tax feature, you will find the Local Tax, State Tax and Tax link. Click on these links to enter the sub taxes. Remember that the taxes are total of the sub taxes.
  3. If you want to exempt the Tax, check mark the corresponding Tax Exempted After and enter the number of days after which the tax will not be charged.
  4. Click OK to save the Tax values.
    Note: Remember that the Taxes will be applied only from the next day. If you want to apply the taxes for the present day , you have to store the tax before creating new day in Front Desk.