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 Creating New Rate Type  

eZeeFD can be configured to handle different types. The main aim to define rate type is to name the group of days so that amount can be stored pertaining to those days for each room. One can store unlimited number of rate types. The software is preconfigured with Daily rate type. Remember to enter rate types in such a way that they are self defining. Follow the steps below to enter the different rate types.

  1. From the Rooms menu select Rate Types or click the Rate Types on the toolbar. The Rate types form gets displayed.

  2. Click on the Add or hit Enter. The Add Rate type form gets displayed.

  3. Enter the Rate type. It can be alphanumeric and should not exceed 25 characters. Remember characters such as #, � , � , % are not allowed.

  4. Enter the Number of Days the rate type refers to. It allows only numbers

  5. Click OK when done.

  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for adding more rate types.

  7. Click OK on the Rate Types form when finished entering all the rate types.