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  POS Purchase Bill
One of the important features of eZee POS is that it lets you to keep a log of all the purchases you make and these purchase records will help you to make the payments to the vendor.
From this form you can log in the item details and others of a particular (single) purchase.
  1. Enter the Voucher Information such as Voucher # (Voucher Number), Date (date of purchase), Department and Vendor.
  2. Enter the Item Information such as Item Name, Qty (Quantity), Unit, Rate, Tax, Amount and click on Add. The item gets added to the list. Repeat this step if you have got more items to be added.
  3. Having finished logging in the item details, enter the total amount details at the bottom such as Amount, Tax, Dis (%)(Discount), Dis.Amount (Discount Amount) and Bill Amount.
  4. Click on Save to save the purchase details.
      Note: Remember that the stock levels of the purchased items are increased.