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  POS Transaction
This form is the core of eZee POS used to generate the bill to customer in few clicks relieving you from the tedious task of the item price calculations and the discounts.

All the information you see here is as per the configuration. You can access only those categories you are privileged to from the Type list. Even other information such as waiter information, No. of persons, table information etc can be accessed only if the category is configured to access.

The amount is easily calculated if there exists a KOT for the table. Just a single click will calculate the amount. You are relieved even from the task of logging in the items in case of KOT. You can even post the amount to the guest’s account in the hotel.
  1. Enter the Bill No if necessary.
      Note: If you have automated the bill generation, you need not enter the Bill No otherwise you have to enter it.
  2. Select the Type. The Waiter, Table information and KOT are enabled based on the Type selection.
  3. Enter the Last Name and First Name if necessary.
  4. Select the Waiter and Table Information if enabled. Click on the KOT button if enabled. If there exist KOT pertaining to the table, its item details are displayed along with the total amount.
    If there is no KOT, you can add item information such as Item Name, Qty (Quantity), select Unit, change the Rate if necessary, set the Dis%(discount) if necessary and click on Add. Repeat the step for more items if necessary.
  5. Click on Amt Paid link if some payment is done by the customer through credit card or partial payment etc. The Payment Information form gets displayed. Enter the payment details and click on Add. Click on Close to close the Payment Information form.
    Kitchen%20Order%20Ticket.htm Note: If the customer does full cash payment, just click on Exp Sale to update the payment as well as generate the bill.
  6. If you wish to post the balance to the guest’s account staying in the hotel, check mark the Posting Information option, select the Room Name from the list and click on OK. Select the appropriate Guest Name from the list.
  7. Enter some Remark if necessary.
  8. Click either on Save & Print (saves and generates the bill) or Save depending on your requirement.