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  Item Rate and Tax
You are enforced to perform three tasks here.
  1. Classify the items under the various categories you defined in the Item Category, so that as soon as you select the category while selling, all the items under the category are found in the list. An item can be classified under more than one category.

    Click on Category wise Items Assignment tab.

    1. Select the Category.
    2. Select the Item from All Items list and click on Assign.
  2. Define the code and various rates for each item in each category. The item code will enable you to specify the code while selling the item instead of searching for the item in item list. We have given different rates so that you can charge that rate in some occasion but you have to set it as default to apply it.
    Click on Define Item Rate tab.   

    1. Select the Category from the list.
    2. Select the Item from the list.
    3. Enter the Code and Rates.
        Note: The Rate in the blue color is default rate.
    4. Click on Save.
  3. Define the tax for items under each category.
    Click on Define Tax tab.

  1. Select the Category from the list.
  2. Check mark the items from the Items list.
  3. Enter the Sales Tax, Service Tax, Other Tax and click on OK.