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  Kitchen Order Ticket
The captain prepares the Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) using this form. The KOT is forwarded to the Kitchen, Billing division and one copy is retained in the system for future references.
The KOT contains details such as table number, items ordered and its quantity. In the billing division, it is the table number through which the corresponding KOTs are identified. Suppose if a guest of a particular table orders 5 times, 5 different KOTs are prepared for that table and the total amount is obtained by the summation of all the KOTs of that table.
  1. Select the Category, Date if necessary since by default it will display the last day set as the current date and Table No. (Table Number).
  2. Enter either the Code or select the item from the Name list, enter the Qty (Quantity), select the Unit and click on Add. Note that the item is added to the list. If there are more items to be added from this category, repeat this step.
  3. Click either on Save & Print or Save. The KOT will now be forwarded to Kitchen and billing division. Thus the guest will neither be served with more than he pays nor you collect more than the guest has been served with.
      Note: You can enter any number of KOTs for a particular table.