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 eZee FrontDesk  

Thank you for considering the eZee Technologies Property Management System (eZeeFD), which includes one module for Configuration of your property and other module for FrontDesk Operations. This software suite is limited to run for 45 days. This demonstration version is fully functional software package that can be authorized to become your working copy upon purchase.

  • Before configuring the software please check your system date for accuracy. You are requested not to change the system date for the software to run perfectly.


Key Features supported by the software

  • Easy to use Check In/Check Out

  • Comprehensive Guest Database Features

  • Visual display of status of all rooms

  • Supports Reservation

  • Full Functional Group Management

  • Comprehensive Direct Billing

  • Well designed reports and graphical chart

  • Configurable folio

  • Integration with Swipe Card Reader for Driving License and Credit Card.

  • Digital Camera integration for picture

  • Configurable user privileges

  • Robust Multi User System with instant notification

  • Open Credit Card transaction

  • Advanced Guest Search

  • Guest Messages

  • Tracking Expenses

  • Lost and Found Item tracking

  • Multiple Rate Types to a Single Stay

The first step would be to configure your property with the configuration module which is named as eZee FrontDesk Configuration (eZeeFDC). This module allows you to enter information about your property like the Property Name, Room Types and Rate types.

After finishing the configuration module you can start the operations module which is named as eZee FrontDesk (eZeeFD) and start entering daily operations..