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 eZee Point of Sale  

The main objective of the POS is to help our fast growing business customers meet their ends easily, simply and early.  We provide an intuitive and flexible user interface for the users. The various reports generated by the system enables you to make instant decisions.

Some of the features of eZeePOS is as follows

  1. Define various departments whose items participate in the stock maintenance.
  2. Defining various item units.
  3. You can categorize the items so that you can very easily access the items category wise instead of searching in the whole list. You can assign your own code to the items which will enable you to access the item details much faster.
  4. Storing the Waiter Information which will help at the time of billing and assess the waiter performance.
  5. Storing Table Information which will help at the time of KOT and billing.
  6. Assigning the tables item category wise to restrict the table access.
  7. Defining various rates for an item and setting the default rate.
  8. Maintaining stocks for the items. Thus a comprehensive Inventory Management System.
  9. Maintaining vendor list to maintain payment list.
  10. Maintaining KOT which will enable you to process the orders table wise and generate billing.
  11. Comprehensive user management which will restrict the modules to certain users.
  12. Intuitive user interface for billing. eZeePOS very easily tackles the complex orders.
  13. You can even post the bill amount to the guest’s account so that you can charge the guest at the time of check out.
  14. You can log in the product purchase information which reflects item stock level and inventory management.
  15. Apart from the internal handling of the inventory you can even explicitly make the adjustments to the stock levels.