Annual Maintenance Contracts

Annual Maintenance Contracts for eZee Next Gen Software

It's fairly easy for every one of us to forget how essential technical support services are until we come across an unnoticed problem on the computer while doing our regular check-ins/check-outs, which requires immediate technical assistance. Moreover, minor troubleshooting issues are dealt almost everyday, but what happens when we come across a completely new problem that can't be resolved? Also, keeping up-to-date with the latest software releases and upgrading out-dated software can be time-consuming process and an expensive venture.

When you invest in eZee Next Gen Annual Maintenance Contracts, you ensure the continued success of your business initiatives by staying up-to-date with the latest software updates, supported by professionals with the highest level of accreditation for, and knowledge about, eZee Products.

Annual Maintenance Contract Benefits (What you will receive with your Maintenance Contract)

Free Major Upgrades, and Updates to Software
All clients who have paid their Maintenance Contracts are eligible to receive all new releases and major and minor upgrades of the software during the Maintenance period at no additional charges. Further clients can login to our website regularly and check our software upgrades for the latest modifications/enhancements and could download the recent service pack as and whenever required.

Unlimited Technical Support via Telephone
For unlimited technical support, clients can contact us by choosing the following options.

  • Clients can directly talk to our support team. Our trained technical staff will provide you help to solve your problem or any query you have. If required, your support staff can login directly to your machine too and solve your problem.
  • Our Tech Support team, which includes qualified support operators, are specifically trained to address wide range of questions about our software. If for some reason any critical issues not addressable over the phone, then we will make every effort to obtain the result for you within 1 business day. Each Technical Support Specialist is dedicated to helping you to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible and so will go an extra mile to accomplish it!

Unlimited Technical Support via Email
eZee's Technical Support Group prides itself in offering the highest level of Email support. We're ready to address any technical questions! Whether simply communicating questions through an email text message or transferring your files to us for review, in either way our email service has the facility to handle your inquiries quickly and efficiently. Email support is an excellent method for sending screenshots of error messages, and to receive updates and patches.

Instant Chat Live Support
All our customers are eligible to take advantage of our Instant Online Live Chat Support. We have our operators available in different shifts, which cover around 24/7 support service. You can contact us via Live Chat From our website and

Priority Response to Error Reports
All newly registered and AMS signed up users who experience an error can contact eZee's Technical Support Group, who will gladly work with the respective user to reproduce the error, determine the cause of the issue, and provide a solution fast and in an efficient manner. Our step-by-step approach ensures that we can identify the precise error, the reasons for its occurrence, and the resolution.

Direct Bug Fix Updates
In case of software errors, user's issue will be forwarded to our software division. Once this issue is resolved by our software developers, our very next step will be to forward this solution to our respective client

Access to CRM (Customer Relationship Management Program)
All registered clients have the access to CRM Program. Users are provided with their username and password at the time of the eZee software purchase or Annual Maintenance sign up. Clients who does not have username and password will be provided one upon request in order to access the below features

  • Upgrades and Releases
    All registered eZee clients with current Annual Maintenance status will have the benefits of all our upgrades and service packs that are released frequently. Each upgrade or download is listed with comments on major fixes and new features. Clients can download and apply the fixes or upgrade the software at a convenient time.
  • Queries and Questions
    In addition to our email and phone support, many clients elect to log their issues (problems, questions or enhancement requests) in CRM. Our support personnel will post their reply in CRM.
  • File Transfer
    Clients can use this feature to transfer files, database or reports to our support team. For instance, if we have a solution that requires clients to download some files, then we will upload those files in this area and inform clients about it. This feature allows us to support individual client requirements without interfering with general client base.

Documentation Updates
As new features are released, documentation may be revised periodically. Software users with Maintenance Contracts will have the option to download the latest documentation for their software from our CRM site. The updated documentation may include new material that highlight new functionality or updated content for newly implemented features.

Option to Beta Test new features/products
Clients on Maintenance Contract policy will be considered for "first round" Beta Testing of new eZee-developed software versions, and new products

Ongoing Support
Annual Maintenance Subscription purchased beyond the first period continues with the same benefits as above. In short, eZee's Annual Maintenance Subscription guarantees all customer unlimited access to eZee's technical support services, and to the latest versions of our eZee software products.

The following services are NOT covered under AMS and are offered at additional cost

  • Help with hardware failure, such as hard disk failure
  • Assistance with Windows operating system
  • Assistance with networking, or setting up a network
  • Assistance with Virus infections
  • Additional eZee Next Gen software license or license of any other products developed by eZee.